I think my 6800 is ruined! :(


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Dec 12, 2003
To get started here are the stats I think are important:

Mobo: Abit NF7-S 2.0
CPU: AMD 2400+ @ 2.4 Ghz
Ram: Geil 3500
OS: Windows XP
PSU: Thermaltake SilentPower 480W

So, I recently installed an NV5 silencer for my BFG6800oc card. I used AS5 on everything INCLUDING the memory chips. I have since read that silicon or ceramique is what is ideal for the memory chips. Anyways - I have had this installed for about a week when I am playing HL2 and have the game paused to go pee - when I come back my computer -it turned off. I try to boot it up and nothing - no post no fans spinning, nada. "Oh crap!"

So, to make a long story short here is what I've tried. I tried first swapping power supplies - no change. Then I thought it might be my mother board - so with a new power supply and an old ATI 8500 AGP video card I try the mother board - starts up. Motherboard doesnt seem to be the issue. I put in my old power supply with my mother board - starts up. That narrows it down to the video card... SON OF A... not 6 weeks old this puppy. :(

Finally the ultimate test - I plug my 6800 into the mobo and try to run it again after cleaning EVERYTHING bit by bit with 99% alcohol and this time using silicon on the memory chips and AS5 on the GPU - no fans, no post, nothing. We're talking case fans dont turn - nothing. So, I unplug the power to my video card but leave the video card in the slot and it powers up-post, fans.. everything until it gives me a siren indicating that there is no video attached (of course). So, it definately is my video card. I realize I've voided my warranty by putting that NV5 on - so what now?

Any ideas on things that could be causing this? A short or not grounded or something - I've never seen a video card shut down all the mobo fans, cpu fan, case fans, NOTHING moves with that thing plugged in. Sorry about the length...
Jun 14, 2003
try the 6800 in a totally different computer....like a mates or something. if it doesnt work there then you know its definately dud. but no case fans spinning just sounds like the whole system isnt getting enough power, maybe even though the psu is 480watter it just cant supply enough juice.

if the card is bust then the only way its bust is that you never installed the NV5 correctly