I think I got too good at cs?

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Nov 5, 2004
Originally posted by: RadioHead84
Originally posted by: w00t
Originally posted by: RadioHead84
Err pubbing mean nothings. While i have no realy cal experience I have scrimmed with teams that are in cal-im. Its a lot of fun and i wish i could get a team together to just play even if its cal-0.

THat being said..if you are banned from pub servers..it means nothing about you cal skill. Only a small portion of your aiming and such actually counts for anything in cal. THe majority of it is knowing where to be, when, and how to handle each situation. All the little keys of the maps, all the flash points, the spam points, the diffrent strats, budgeting your money, and so on.

cal skill rofl cal is a league you know there is other leagues such as cpl, xpl, ogl, cevo, ect. I know how to play the game smart. you sound like a major nub flash points? so you use illegal flash's or what? spam spamming really isnt sumthing you should do when in leagues waste of ammo and takes alot of hits also gives our your location pretty bad. I know what strats are rember 2 seaons of cal-m exp. budgeting your money like not buying a m4 or ak 2nd round yes i know kk.

edit anyone wanna scrim if we can get 5 we can call our pug ATOT :D

Wow your annoying.

Flash points obvioulsy mean knowning where to bounce flashes to get the most effect out of them and when is the right time to throw them. Spamming is still done in matches...if they know where you are coming from or know where you are there is no harm since you can also relocate. I also associate spamming with pre firing. And you never said you were cal-m...you said I COULD be 4 sure.

I quit for a little than started playing again i said cal-m/p for sure i have m exp but not p is the same thing just better teamwork.