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I suspect that Win10's reset feature's functionalty has altered


May 19, 2011
A customer used the reset feature on Win10 with the 'keep my files' option. The non-debatable part of this feature is that the contents of users' 'Documents', 'Pictures', 'Desktop' folders are not deleted. This has not changed.

The less obvious part of this feature is that if a user uses a third party program such as Firefox, their profile data from AppData\Roaming\Mozilla normally is transferred to C:\Windows.old\Users\username\AppData\Roaming.

However, it looks like MS is now deleting third party appdata folders. To prove it I'd need to set up a test scenario to try it which might take me a while before I have a chance to do that, but the contents of C:\Windows.old\Users\username\AppData\Roaming is now only a 'Microsoft' folder, which means the customer has lost their Firefox and Thunderbird profile folders. I've searched the entire drive for 'prefs.js', no luck.