Info I spent a while trying to get Tomb Raider 2 / 4 working on Win10 yesterday, amusing solution


May 19, 2011
The games date back to 1997/1999. Historically I haven't had much trouble with them (on Win9x, Win2k, WinXP, Win7), each have had an update or two, but that's about it. Apparently though this is the first time I've tried to play either on Win10 and both have the same issue in full-screen mode that the window title bar / border is attempting to be drawn around the full-screen output. It causes problems with cut scenes (the title bar actually gets drawn above the cut scene) and during gameplay the top of the screen gets chopped by the invisible title bar. Playing in windowed mode caused some weirdness too.

So I faffed around with various other patches as well as a program called dgvoodoo which allegedly resolves these problems (it did, but created other showstopping problems in the process). I then googled for getting these games installed on Linux which suggested a certain amount of faffing around. I then thought as I already have Wine installed on Linux for one app I use, I'd try simply installing the game on Linux through wine and see what happens. Both seemingly work fine :) TR4 needed an update (which it needs on Win10 at least too), that was it.