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I pity Ben Carson and others like him even more now...

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Jan 22, 2009
It means exactly what I meant, that we didn't see them as different. Can ya handle that, just maybe, their parents taught them respect and how to act respectable? Both brothers grew up to be successful in their endeavors. We're still friends today.
And by some standards, they did it the 'white way'. I've told this story on here before. A woman in the IT department at a former company of mine told a couple of us part of her story. She's black and grew up in the inner city. She was ridiculed by her black peers for actually behaving in school, studying, and getting good grades. They accused her of doing it 'the white way'. During college, I had a student job in the bio department - basically lab cleanup and other odd jobs. The grad student lady I worked for was black - an absolute sweetheart; we got along great. She had little respect for the (black) janitorial staff and even called them n*ggers to my face. Shocked the daylights out of this (then) naive white boy.

Comp, you have to understand that you're dealing with some rabid SJW sympathizers on here that throw the race card as a first line of defense.

And Tweaker, you comment about feeling sorry for Carson's patients is ridiculous. Hate his politics all you want, but he was recognized as a world leading pediatric neurosurgeon. That takes some pretty good brains and skill, dude. I'd like to see you do it; then pity for your patients would be well founded.

And since we're on this fool topic, wasn't one of the comments leveled against (iirc) RG3, pretty much to the effect that he wasn't the right kind of black? That he wasn't 'down with the struggle'? Or do I have the wrong QB?


Dec 7, 2009
Exhibit A.

You're a clear cut case of a know nothing charlatan. In John Connor's book of Standards & Practices when you're told to STFU, it has good reason and you do it!

Little shit.
Here have a box of tissues while you wait for the waaambulance.