I need help upgrading my computer


Apr 22, 2008
I have an old compaq 7AP170 computer. I need help determining if its cheaper to upgrade it or should I buy a new computer.
Currently has original confuguration except I upgraded the ram to 512 MB about a year ago. I dont use it for gaming other than sweepstakes. Truly need some help with this.
I was in a car accident some years ago which left me with a head injury.. i have worked really hard to relearn to walk and talk but have totally forgotten my computer stuff that I knew. I struggled for a long time just learning how to set it up again and trying to remember how to do simple things like Installing software programs.. troubleshooting etc..
I think im ready to try again to upgrade. I could really use some help. I dont know if the mobo will support a dual core processor and of course I have to upgrade the OS which is now Win ME still.. like I said it was in storage because of my accident and just started using it again last year..
Im not sure what the motherboard is..
its a 900 MGHZ AMD althalon Processor
512 MB Ram
40 Gig HD
DVD Rom Drive
CR-RW drive
Floppy Drive
16 MB NVIDIA TNT2 Graphics cards
Soundblaster audio card
Logitech Quickcam
56 K modem
10.100 Mb PCI NIC

Not sure if the Mobo can be upgraded even.. tried to find out online and cant find the info.
any help would be appreciated
Thanks again
If there are a couple of you here that would not mind researching and advising me on what to do here I would truly appreciate your help.

Thanks In advance.


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Jun 11, 2007
Just save yourself the trouble and buy a new PC.

Upgrading it would be basicly building a new system anyway. The only thing you would end up keeping would be the optical drives. Everything else would have to go.


Apr 22, 2008
Thank You mpilchfamily!
I was hoping to upgrade cheaply..
guess that wont happen.
I appreciate your help.


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Oct 4, 2004
You can build a great computer using possibly your optical drives for really cheap. Probably 200-300 would get you something that would blow your old one out of the water. If you really need help pricing something in a certain price range, PM me and I will help you. Your older equipment is so old that there is no way you would find spare parts to upgrade very easily. These days trying to even upgrade the memory will run you a lot more then even upgrading faster memory (DDR 2 for example). Dual-core really started with socket 939 which is years past when you're board was even manufactured. Let me know what you need. I may even have some spare parts too.

Copies of windows can be found pretty cheap online.

Let me know buddy.

You will need to upgrade:
Motherboard +CPU (maybe a combo)?
Memory (at least a GB, depending on operating system)
Hard Drive (SATA, 250GB +)
Probably a new power supply to support your equipment (Newegg has great prices)
Video card really depends on your use for the new PC
Case (you should proably get a new one, personal preference on which kind)