I need help!! please for the love of.... please help!


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Nov 22, 2000
hi, I'm building my first rig (yes I'm a newbie) and here are my specs:

1.4 athlon
iwill ka266
320watt ps
gainworld 4.5 ns geforce2 pro
17" NEC fe700 flat
60gb 7200rpm ibm 60gxp

I'm really excited and followed all the necessary steps (puting the cpu right, adding heatsink+fan, thermopaste, mounting, then double checked everything). But as i booted up my monitor would not give me any signal, as if it were not hooked up to the graphics port of my geforce2 pro, which it was hooked up. So I'm wondering what the hell is the problem. I also notice that my hard drive led is not lighting up (whether I put the led connector on right or the hd is not working I don't know). I seriously need help as I am stumped and have no where to turn, so please someone lead me in the right direction. I suspect that its a mobo problem as the fans are working and some of the leds are on. I will watch this page every 5 min. so if you have any suggestions please I beg of you, help me. I if some of you want to work with me systemically I will post my response to any questions.

basically I get no boot up, help!!!


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Sep 13, 2001
I'm close to being a newbie, And I feel your pain
Have you tried removing and reinstalling all cards and ram
I would recommend trying just the vid card by itself.
Is your Power Supply AMD approved?
No beeps?
I hate to go here and check it last. The new amds are sensitive
and great care needs to be taken installing he Heat Sink and Fan
you can chip the edges of the processor it you arent carefull.
I have heard of them workin with chipped edges also have
of them being ruined this way.
Perhaps a peson wiser than I can assist.
I would try the card thingy makin sure all cards and ram is properly seated.


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May 1, 2001
Generally it is either the RAM or Video card that aren't seated properly to give the problem you're having. Carefully check them, particularly AGP video. Also make sure drive cables are installed correctly, particularly floppy. May be necessary to pull the floppy drive out to check for pin 1.



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Aug 6, 2000
About the HDD led, turn it around (I mean in the mobo connector), if the floppy light is always on, that too is backward and try to use one memory chip at the time, until you are able to boot. Keep us posted.

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