I need help dual booting vistas on a new partition using partition magic 8.0

Nov 28, 2006
Hi tech gods!!!
I need help dual booting windows vista on a new partition using partition magic 8.0.
I use partition magic to create a new partition.I move and resize my hard drive to create a new partition of 20gb.This new partition is labeled L drive.Then I format the drive as a primary NTFS.When I click on apply changes it scans..but it doesn't finish....then I have the option to reboot...I click yes.Then I see that partition magic is working and checking my system.I keep getting an 938 error message and I have to click any key to exit.Here are some other details..when I'm creating the partition sometimes it says that the drive is over the 1024 mb....something and that it probably wont boot.Also I'm using a 250gb western digital HD.There is a 7mb space before the rest of the storage on the drive.I was using a tutorial that I googled to run me through the process...what am I doing wrong????Can someone give me a better walk through and help me??Please!!!Before I get hammered by the tech elite here are my computer specs..lol

thermaltake armor jr. case black
ocz 700w power supply
evga nvidia 680i sli motherboard
intel core 2 duo e6400
zalman 9500 cooler
ocz high performance ddr2 gold 667mhz speed
2 western digital 250 gb sata harddrives
creative labs x-fi soundcard
xfx 7600 gt xtreme graphics card
plextor 716a dvd drive
lite-on dvd drive