i need a smtp server, no outgoing mail for me :(


Senior member
Apr 6, 2001
i was wondering if anyone knew a mail server.. like smtp.BLAHBLAH.net or .com .. without server authenciating, so i can send outgoing messages. thanks.. my previous one was mail.mochamail.com:2525, but it was taken down due to this:

Our secondary SMTP server (smtp.mochamail.com, port 2525) has been taken offline indefinitely. This server has always been a potential problem for us, since we made it as easy as possible for our members to use by not requiring the same level of security as our main SMTP server. We managed to avoid spammers exploiting this server for many months, but unfortunately some folks (who are not members of MochaMail.com) decided to publicize the existence of our secondary server on a message board; as result, we no longer feel safe keeping this server running. We know that many of our members have been using smtp.mochamail.com, but like anyone who runs an Internet mail server, we have the responsibility to do so securely.

:( .. i just want to be able to send outgoing mail :(