I need a device that automatially records audio all day and uploads it at the end of the day


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Mar 17, 2019
Hi, I work in the service industry and I am trying to live a moral lifestyle. I am single and I want to stay that way. However, I am dealing with unwanted advances on me by clients, and I have had to refuse or resist physical advances multiple times. So, in trying to maintain and run my business, I am in constant fear of a client trying to come on to me, and possibly accusing me of sexual assault.

Things have gotten that scary before and it's a terrible feeling. Is there a device, or an app for my phone, that will record my GPS position, and record all audio all day, and upload the data when I get home?

So if I am ever accused of impropriety I will have proof of what did or did not happen, my location, time, and unbroken string of audio? The audio doesn't have to be stunning clarity, as I do use my phone a lot and would like to retain battery life...

I would like video recording too, but I realize doing that all day would make too much of a file and wear down the battery. It is worth it to have to charge it often, though, if it means at least I am protected.

Also, due to me being busy (And forgetful) all of the time, I will forget to turn the app or program or device on, so I need it to always be on, or at least start itself up, it needs to be automatic or I could miss entire weeks of interactions with clients.

Where it uploads, I don't know, the cloud, a folder, youtube, google files... Even if it is a device like a smart watch or something. My cell phone is always out in the open, though, clipped to my hip so my phone may be the ideal device.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!!!