I need a board with a depth of 8" or less. No ITX's


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Oct 21, 2001
This is for an HTPC project but I can't do ITX :frown: because I need 2 PCI slots and enough CPU for some minor video editing.

My questions are......

If you were limited to a mATX board with a physical depth no more than 8" would you consider a Jetway 780V or possibly something with a lesser IGP from MSI or AsRock and adding an HD3450 card?

These are the choices I've found so far.

Use this one as-is? Jetway 780V

or use this card - ASUS HD3450

with one of the following boards:

AsRock 8100

ASRock A780LM

ASRock 7050

and this power supply

I would prefer Gigabyte or ASUS but they do not offer anything that will fit. The only reason I mention Jetway and ASRock is because they are among the very few to offer anything that will work with what I have. I think MSI may have one but I didn't get the link.

Looking at my choices what would you do? Bet on the Jetway or go with one of the others and add a 3450 card?

I am undecided on the optical drive, but as an FYI this is a list of hardware that I already have for the project.

WD Scorpio 120g SATA notebook drive
WD Green 1TB
Leadtek Tuner card
1x120mm fan
1x92mm fan

This is for an all wood 1940 RCA Victor radio mod.