I need a audio file of a music track fixed I did in the 80's


Nov 13, 2001
Not sure where to put this, so I thought here may be the right place, if not, please mods please feel free to move.

But here it is....
I made a mix of a song back in the 80's when I was bout 13 years old of the "new" hip song at the time, doing a mix of it using my Fathers dual tape deck, pausing, and unpausing, doing a "scratch" like thing to it, but using a tape deck and not a record player. Keep in mind though I made it when Hip Hop D'j like Run DMC and Bestie Boys was all the rage. However time has not been kind to my little song I made on tape, with it fading in and out, and levels not being true no more 30+ years later. I made a mp3 of it off the tape, but I REALLY am asking if anyone here has the proper equipment to bring it back to life as good as what can be done. I do not own the right stuff to do it, and audacity, best I know messing with it, has nothing within it to fix what needs to be done.

So anyone on here want a crack at something I put together 30+ years ago, and try and clean it up, and get the levels right?? I would GREATLY appreciate it a lot, and I think I have one more I have kept over the years somewhere I need done too, but I know this is the worst one of the 2. I can send it to you, or put it in my onedrive for you to grab it from ;)

TIA and cannot wait to see what someone(s) can do to iy to bring it back, and full memories of what it sounded like the day I did it.

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Aug 11, 2001
It seems like this is a project you are going to have to DIY to get the levels where YOU want them.

Why not audacity? You can select ranges and boost them, apply noise filters, etc. It's been quite a while since I've used it, but I'd presume that current software versions are even more powerful in features than back when I did, and a lot easier to do with modern wider, high-res monitor.

Is there any chance that it's not the tape as much as the tape deck that needs rollers and head cleaned?

Anyway, go ahead and put it on a cloud somewhere and link it, then who knows what someone will think of or do with it if bored enough or just wanting to brush up on audio editing, but odds are that ultimately it's going to be DIY to get it the way YOU want it.

Also, if you have the tape and a decent deck, it would be preferable to rip it again but to a lossless format like flac instead of MP3.