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I just bought the Acer Hellos 300


Sep 12, 2012

This was actually one of those spontaneous buys. For $1049.00 it's a steal. With a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB DDR, 256GB SSD, and Full HD it's a good laptop at a low price.

The one con is the body which is black and red stripes. It's a bit loud but hopefully it will look better when I have it on my desk. The HD is small at 256, but it's a SSD and I have another free slot, so I can put a 1 TB when I get the chance. I'll probably get a monitor later on.

I also got the Logitech G13 gameboard and the SteelSeries Artic wireless headset. Was looking for something cheaper, but I wanted wireless. TBH you get what you pay for. A good headset is important to me, and I figure if I can get 3 years it's well worth the $150.

I'm real excited for the Nvidia GTX 1060. It's suspossed to be a really good card that plays most games at ultra high rez. Personally, can go med-high and im good. At those settings, it should last 2-3 years. Hopefully anyway.

When I get the laptop I'll post pics and I'll run a few test. The reviews have been positive so I'm sure it's going to be a good experience.


Sep 23, 2003
Good specs, but too bulky for my taste. I like my XPS13 for portability and my desktop for the power house stuff.
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