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I have the most brilliant idea to lower oil prices

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May 28, 2001
Originally posted by: gotsmack
Originally posted by: JS80
Originally posted by: DaiShan
OK, first of all the US government can only tax US citizens, so what you would have happen is all of the speculation would be done by non-us citizens the price would not go down, and US businesses would be hurt. So please explain to me how your plan helps America.
I'm sure practically banning futures trading of Oil in the US would rock the global futures market. Bulk of the trading is done by billion dollar hedge funds in the US. What good is profits earned in overseas (by GS, MER, LEH, etc) accounts if you can't repatriate it to the US?

How would US businesses be hurt by banning of speculative futures trading of Oil?
no, oil futures trading would just move overseas and profits would be laundered through other ventures or those monies would be used for overhead.

The ridiculousness of the OP is astounding.


Oct 9, 1999
Originally posted by: everman
The lack of knowledge about commodity markets here is astounding.

it's just big casino, but you can lose without playing.