I have the following setup??


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Jun 7, 2018
I have the following setup:

Asus Maximus Impact VII Motherboard
16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport
Geforce GTX 970
Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 SSD

Just wondering if i should even consider any upgrade at this point? My needs are video encoding, video content creation, standard stuff (i.e.: email, web, etc..), and no gaming (no time anymore, but when this machine was built I did, LOL)

I cant see going to a Skylake Platform as I think it is more of a lateral move. Perhaps an X99 setup? I would appreciate your thoughts.

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Jun 25, 2004
Intel's "Skylake" CPUs are 2 generations old now. Admittedly the architecture hasn't changed, but you would be looking at Coffee Lake (successor to Kay Lake). X99 is Skylake, and is pretty dated at this point - you can actually get faster CPUs on Intel's mainstream chipset.

AMD's socket AM4 socket offers CPUs clocked a hair lower than what you have, with similar IPC, but with twice as many cores. Intel's socket 1151 offers CPUs clocked a bit higher and with slightly better IPC, and 50% more cores. As stated above, I would not bother with Intel's HEDT. AMD's might be worth considering - TR4 has 16 core CPUs, and 32 core models were just announced.

Not all video encoding is infinitely parallel. For those tasks that are, AMD's 8+ core chips would serve you best. For those that aren't, Intel's better instruction setts, higher clocks and higher IPC will serve you best.

Read Anandtech's review: https://www.anandtech.com/show/11859/the-anandtech-coffee-lake-review-8700k-and-8400-initial-numbers

Encoding (not infinitely parallel):


Rendering (more parallel):



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Jan 24, 2014
Wait until Intel releases their 8c mainstream CPU, AFAIK it's coming in the second half of this year. At that point reevaluate your options, including enthusiast platforms.