I hate Time-Warner Oceanic Cable's Service


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Dec 20, 2004
(Cliff notes below)

SO my internet connectivity has been... spotty at best... the past week and a half. I put in a trouble call via the normal channels (i.e., called the central office) and they told me last Wednesday, May 4, 2005 that the soonest they could send a tech out to look at it would be Friday, May 13, 2005.

I was not happy. At all. A week and a half to look into why I'm losing connectivity? So instead the sweet lady on the phone and I go through about an hour of troubleshooting all kinds of things. Eventually we come to looking at the cable line itself going to the wall. The faceplate is cracked in half. Apparently the movers moved my bookshelf a little too close to the wall. So I broke out the drill, detached the face plate, and tightened up the coax cables, which didn't do jack. She and I ran diagnostics on the cable modem and found nothing out of the ordinary... when she was able to even connect to the damn thing.

So now its Friday and the tech just left. He was literally here for about 3.5 minutes... just long enough to The Remedy - Jason Mraz to start and almost finish. He tells me its not the cable connection at the wall. All he did was unscrew it and screw it back in. JESUS F***ING CHRIST. I could have done that my own d**n self! I don't need some tech (more angry adjectives to follow, beware) to come to my room, hold me up on my Friday evening, to do that. I can do something that simple myself! So I ask if it could be the modem. "Oh, no, da modem e-dah wourks awr id duw'n wourk". "You mean to tell me either your modem works perfectly or it doesn't work at all? I've troubleshot a helluva lot of hardware in my time and I can count on one hand the amount of hardware I've seen that just 'stopped' working." To which he chuckles. Yes, bruddah, I am not a dumbass average joe consumer.

So now he has to call the foreman, who's going to call someone to come check the building... and I'm supposed to receive a call when this happens to see if my connection has improved or remains less than optimal.


1. Connection unstable
2. Waited 1.5 weeks for tech to inspect
3. Tech spends 3 minutes here, does nothing important
4. More waiting, this time on others
5. Pissed
6. Really f***ing pissed


Oct 9, 1999
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Apr 9, 2000
you're complaining about internet service, when you're living in paradise?


Oct 13, 2004
Originally posted by: Linux23
you're complaining about internet service, when you're living in paradise?
a paradise without ATOT is no paradise ;)


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Jan 20, 2005
Was the tech a company employee or a contractor?

I use Charter. Most of the people they use ( that I have seen ) are contractor.