i had problems loading directx 9 -see inside-now fixed for me


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Jan 27, 2002
I got my video card back two days ago and installed everything

but i wanted directx9 for the demos and games,you know "for the eye candy";)

well i loaded sp1 and directx9 and the ati drivers but the demos said directx 9 or latest drivers required and i was back at the desktop. hmmm

so i formatted reinstalled reloaded but left the video card drivers out and went with the cat 3.0's
but same error msg

reformatted then loaded xp downloaded the xpsp1 boot disks i found then went looking for a different site for directx9 and downloaded the load file ( loaded then onto a seperate partition)
da da da still didn't work hmmmm

so i reformatted loaded xp then looked for a better front loader for sp1 and i found it at microsofts site but it isnt supposed to be compatable as it supports only older ie browsers lol
downloaded it(what the heck cant hurt right?) installed directx9 installed the cat 3.0 drivers reinstalled the demos and my favorite games

volla everything works beautifully , its a shame but my culprit was microsoft this time not ati.
also i installed the inf and accelerator drivers off my disk first after xp

bf 1942 all details maxed at 1024x768 is absolutely gorgeous.
no stuttering no glitches.

posting this in case it helps others

winxp service pack 1(the one i used)
the directx9 i downloaded

i only offer that these fixed my problems

i am in no way guarenteeing or even suggesting you try these (do so at your own risk)