Question I had a series of different problems in just a few weeks...


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Oct 11, 2017
before i start let me say the only issue i had before this was more than 1 year ago, my pc was keep resetting without even reach the mobo splash, it turned out to be a ram issue, i solved by cleaning the contacts, the problem returned after roughly 8 months and seemed to have the same solution...

and then we fast forward to 3-4 months ago, when my mouse broke and i got a new one...after one week i started having the double-click/losing track issue, a problem i had with the previous one as well but in minor capacity (also that was old and very used while this one was new), shortly after my other mouse (a mini wireless) started having some issues as well, mostly double clicks and bad connettivity, but being a cheap one i wouldn't count much on may or may not being a factor here...

that was the only problem until 1 week ago, when i hand the ram issue again, again cleaned the contact and reseated...but while doing so i touched the gpu and that caused a new problem...the screen was black despite windows loading (i had sound on), so i removed and cleaned the contacts (they were barely darkned tbh) after turning it back on pc would shut down almost immediatly, and i noticed the bliking light on the mobo for gpu and boot, again i removed gpu and reseated but also checked tthte ssd wich was perfectly fine...pc would eventuarlly turn on but the screen would randomly go black for 1 sec for roughly 10 times iduring the evening, i did check the cables and was fine up until yeasterday...

yeasterday i had to move around the speaker jack a little because audio was bad on one speaker and i might inadvertedly touched a cable that turned th screen black for a second once...but it seemed ok after that, eventually i turned off the pc wouldn't close windows, it was stuck on the closing screen for well over 10 minutes until i decided to manually reboot...and it got stuck on the mobo splash screen..i rebooted again but same result, so i turned it off with the power button and turned it on and it seemed to work fine, it even turned off properly...

today again got stuck on the splash screen, and i had to turn it off and on before it would boot, i noticed my wireless ouse to having some slowness but everything seemed normal...up until after a couple of hours i started hearing the sound of something being unplugged and plugged, it happened 2-3 times until i checked the drives just to find out the external hd wasn't displaying, so i turned pc off (wich wouldn't, so i had to do it manually...) unplugged the drive and started again

i've done some research about the usb issues when i started having problem with the mice, i tried swapping around with no fortune, i even tried the front panel (where the main mouse currently is) in case humidity ruined those on the backplate, but with no fortune, i've seen it could be a software issue but was kinda scared it would have forced me to reinstall windows incase it would have gone wrong and i currently can't save my datas, althugh considering everything seem to be affected by the sligh touch i kinda feel like the problem is more hardware related...

anyway here my build:

Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3 LGA1151
Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s
Intel BX80677I57500 Intel Core i5 7500, Quad Core, 3.4GHz
Samsung Memorie MZ-75E250B/EU SSD 850 EVO, 250 GB
Seagate Hard-disk ST2000DM006 Barracuda Sata III 7200rpm 64MB
Seasonic focus+ gold 550W

also 4 usb pheriperals (was 5 until i unplugged the external drive)
a cheap wireless mouse (tecknet? something like that...)
gamepad dongle (easysmx)
razer deathadder essential mouse
and a keyboard (wich is new as the mouse because the exact day i decided to order the mouse i also accidentaly spilled water on the old one...yay...)

everything inside the case is 4-5 years old except the psu, that's like 1 or 2

now i'm kinda scared to turn it off as i have no idea if i'll be able to turn it on again...what should i do next? all the problems seem to be random or in very specific cases, as for now the only persistent one is the mouse related, by the way, the keyboard doesn't seem to have any issue, i was thinking about getting a pci usb hub and move everything but if the problem was that why the kb doesn't seem to be affected as well?

sorry for the long post but i wanted to list everything in case there was an useful info somewhere...


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Mar 21, 2007
Man, sorry to hear about all your troubles. Have you checked to see if you are on the latest BIOS? Are all of your drivers up to date?


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Oct 11, 2017
Man, sorry to hear about all your troubles. Have you checked to see if you are on the latest BIOS? Are all of your drivers up to date?

yeah, thanks...anyway...bios is up to date, especially since the last update is fairly old, gpu driver aren't actually, i might update those

by the way, yesterday pc turned off normally and today also started as usual, i assume the external drive (or the usb port it was plugged in since i didn't try another one after yesterday) was what caused that problem, i was hoping it would fix the mice issues too but sadly that wasn't the case
Jul 27, 2020
Disconnect everything. Put the HDD away in a safe place. Then blow out the dust and get everything as clean as possible. Reconnect and see if the issue persists. Don't blow air on the HDD. Just gently wipe it with some dry cleaning cloth. Don't touch the HDD's circuit board. But it would be a good idea to backup your critical data before you turn your PC off.