I dont understand what partitioning a hard drive is?


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Aug 11, 2001
I am building my first computer and would like to run a dual boot with linux and win98se. I understand how to install them , but when it comes to partitioning my hard drive i dont indrestand what i am going to do. Does it mean that i can partition my drives into equal halfs so that i will get 20gigs of space in 98se and a seperate 20gigs of space under linux (btw i will be running a 40gig raid 0 with 2 20 gig 7200 maxtors) or will i just make 2 partitions that will be big enough for 98se and one for linux and i will be able to use all 40gigs under both os's? Could someone please clarify this for me?


Nov 8, 2001
whoooaa...seting up raid 0 and you do not have a clear understanding of hd partionioning. Not to insult your intelligence here, but slow down a bit. I am not familiar with Linux yet, but if Linux will install a boot manager then you are OK. Suggest not to play with raid configs yet. Since you have 2 hd's, use normal IDE setup and use one hd to install W98Se and the other linux. Install W98 first (since no boot manager here) then linux if it has the boot manager, otherwise you need to install a boot manager or if your bios permits you to choose which HD to boot then control it in the bios.

I am not sure if will be able to see both hd's in each OS as I am not familiar with linux file system. With 98SE you are stuck with FAT32.


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Aug 14, 2001
first partition your drive how ever you want to. 20/80 40/60 50/50. Then Install your Windows, then Linux on the other partition. In my hypothesis, I'm sure you can do a stripe with two even though one is partioned defferent. What there to lose anyway? You have to fdisk anyway.