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I can't wait until Arnold is in office

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Jan 24, 2001
Originally posted by: InverseOfNeo
Originally posted by: her209
woohoo lets recall all governors whose state has budget deficits

I sense your sarcasm and I totally agree with you. THis whole thing is a joke. And if we are trying to recall our Gov. why arent all the other states trying to recall theirs? Oh and using logic, we should be recalling Bush as well. Its just the same thing. He turned one of the first surplus budgets in our nations history into a huge deficit. RECALL BUSH!
the federal government never actually had a surplus. They had a projected surplus.

Secondly it wasn't even a real surplus.


Red Dawn

Elite Member
Jun 4, 2001
Originally posted by: Rayden
Originally posted by: Red Dawn
Replacing Davis with Ahhnold isn't going to change anything. Thery need to clean the slate of all the State Reps and Senators from both parties, the real cause of the problems there.
the Democrats pretty much run California unfortunately. so if you want to blame it on the senators you are blaming the Democrats.
which is fine with me :) i just don't want you to think that the republicans have all that much power in california. :(
Yeah CA is such a liberal state. That's why 16 out of the last 20 years they have had a Republican Governor :Q