I cant seem to remember how to do this....

Oct 9, 1999
I am reconsolidating some servers and getting rid of some dummy domains in the process.

I currently have each IP server (based in different parts of the world) running different tasks, some as web servers, some as database servers, some as backup etc etc.

Its a mixture of reseller accounts, VPS and KVM and Hybrid servers running linux/windows.

I currently have each IP for each server as :
www.server1.com -
www.server2.com -
www.server3.com -
where server is the hostname for each server

however I want to change it to
alpha.server.com -
beta.server.com -
gamma.server.com -

that was all my servers though spread around the world are externally for my management purposes is on one management domain. I've done this internally before (within a NAT network), now to do it on a global scale.

I think I am missing a master DNS controller. My domain hosts are google domains and godaddy.

Any help is much appreciated.
Oct 9, 1999
Update Fixed:

so the way to do this with google domains

say your master domain is heavymetal.com
you want to create ironmaiden.heavymetal.com,

1. setup a synthetic record for a subdomain forward as
ironmaiden. forwards to (ip address)
set the temp or permernant redirect, but do not forward path (needed for some cases it seems)

then login into your server using the IP address, change the hostname to ironmaiden.heavymetal.com, the server name can be whatever you set it to be, in my case its ironmaiden, so when I ssh, it shows me@ironmaiden