I can't install drivers for Geforce card.


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Jun 22, 2001
I have a problem installing drivers for my Geforce card. First I simply run the exe file from nvidia and restart the PC. The system detects the video card and again asks to install to driver. I unpack the exe file and manually select which driver to install. At the end of the driver installation it tells me my hardware is not installed due to improper settings or something. And then a window pops up telling me that a Windows file needs to be replaced due to unrecognized file version in order to maintain system stability, and asks me to put CD, but doesn't specify what CD. I try the winXP CD but to no avail so I just keep the unrecognized file.

Run a disk check on your hard disk. File corruption and disk failure go hand in hand. The hard disk can be 5 years old, or 5 minutes old. It doesnt matter.
Do the disk check first, if it checks out ok then try the below option.

It sounds like you have some sort of OS corruption somewhere. Unrecognized files tend to indicate that the file system is fragged somehow.
One sure fire way to fix something like this is to put in your Windows XP CD and choose to upgrade and not format the disk. This will reinstall XP on your system without losing any of your currently installed programs or settings. The so called "unrecognized file" will be overwritten with a fresh good copy.

Ask around for confirmation on this. I have done it once on my system and a couple of other times on clients computers. Works with 2000 and XP.

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Jul 2, 2003
Or you can revert back using system restore to a point before the corruption, then manually uninstall the vga drivers reboot and reinstall.