I am looking for tips and tricks for my first window mod.


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Dec 26, 2001
I imagine the easiest method of installing a window would be cutting out a hole, applying a thin molding ,and then stick the window on the
inside of the case. The downside is the window would not be flush. I have never seen such a window in person so I dont really know how
good it looks.
It makes sence that the thinner the moulding is , the flusher the window would be, where can I get some super thin moulding?

This guys looks pretty good though, link.

The harder and probably more finished looking method would be a flush mounted window which would only be further complicated
if you had to cut the acrylic at all.

How are flush mounted windows obtained, is the hole slightly larger or the same size as the window?

I have a few 12x12 pieces of blue acrylic that I would like to use, I would love to not have to cut my acrylic and have a flush mounted window but then I would have to cut the moulding which may be difficult to do and keep the corners looking good (as you can see the guy above struggled with some).

I have never done a window before so I am looking for tips, tricks, recommendations for my first window mod.

Edit: Another option is if I could find the unique trim that the Coolerguys use in their kits, you get a flush mounted window with less work, link