i am going deep with iometer, couple of questions


Junior Member
Jan 19, 2017
I have started investigating iometer tool features and hoping to get some clarifications on certain settings, I think only highly knowledgeable users who used iometer can give good/sound answer, please no guesswork or try this or something.

- Once I start the iometer, I always see 32 workers, regardless of CPU core count. This is even if I setup the test setup->Number of workers->disk to # of CPUs. Any reason why or is it a bug or limitation?

- In the topology, I see computer name scope in which workers are listed. I can select the host name and assign same parameters to all workers at once. For example, I select the hostname and then set the "maximum disk size" field to 4096 and then click each or any of the workers it is also set to 4096 following host name setting. But this does not happen for "targets". If I select the host name and then set the target to for example c:, then expect workers within the hostname scope will all set to c: drive but unfortunately it doesnot. As a result, I have click every worker and select the disk target, which is overly tedious. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks!