Huge paycut :(

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Feb 4, 2000
sorry, i had to comment on the post that you should be making $50k just with a college degree.

maybe it's that i wasn't a non-technical major, but on the business side, just having a BA doesn't do a damn thing for you. All you get is a lousy piece of paper, and you still gotta work ur a** off to get anywhere or have some nice connections. I've been working full-time out of college now for 4 years, but the only reason i got my job (6 months now) was because I met my boss at a trade show & we got along.

Otherwise, no way. I couldn't even get an interview in san diego.

But to your post, take the job & look elsewhere. Who knows, maybe someone u work with may be able to hook you up. Connections is what it's all about.