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HTPC FM Radio on front panel lcd?


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Oct 16, 2013
Hi.. I've been searching for an answer for a little while now while just starting on my research into what I want for an HTPC and I can't find a solution, *if it's possible*. After a bad experience with a brand name home theater system I'm looking at a DIY solution..

FM radio... stations displayed on the front panel of the htpc... is it possible? Just like on a home theater system -- change to radio input and have the station tuning right there...

The closest possible solution I've found is the programmable lcd from Nmediapc but it's not clear to me from the information on the website how it integrates with everything as far as being able to provide information from different hardware components .. such as a radio tuner card.

Also the display is not very attractive so.. bleh to that.

Do any of the htpc chassis with the touchscreen lcds provide more function than just media player display options?

Ideally I'd like to be able to use the radio feature (and lcd display) on it's own without the need of using the external display (tv) so with that in mind what about internet radio streaming such as TuneIn Radio ... any way to get that on the front panel?

I feel like that kind of operation might be limited to an actual lcd screen like you might use in a car pc where it's the actual desktop of the system..

Not sure where to look or what to consider at this point.. so any help/thoughts/comments/suggestions would be appreciated..