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HTPC DVR live streaming remotely


Nov 18, 2005
Is remotepotato still the best option for this?

To clarify, I have a WMC DVR I just finished yesterday (for those of you wondering, I'll update that other thread in a little while). I'm using an HDHomeRun Prime with CableCARD.

For some services, like HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Video, I'll just utilize local/direct means.
But I might want to, say, watch something live on either my Surface Pro, my and Nexus 7 or mobile phone from time to time. Especially this month, if I have cell service, since I'll be away for training for three weeks.

I plan on setting up a dynamic dns service (noip.com the best choice these days?), router permitting, so that can be utilized.

Especially now, I don't have any other "media" on this HTPC just yet.

Does remote potato also utilize live transcoding? If I wish that to be available as an option, for live streaming from cable input to a lower resolution/bitrate on a mobile device, is there something else I must do?
Is there something to configure with MadVR?

And, will a dynamic DNS service make it possible to do an RDP (remote desktop) session with that device? I don't know if I'll need to do any other configuration for that (like a personal VPN), but that would make it easier to at least configure things on the fly and support it while away. Also, simply configuring RDP would be great for configuring without worrying about a mouse and keyboard near the TV)