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HTPC Build - Intel 6 core heat question...


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Jun 11, 2012

I want to build an HTPC computer. It's not used JUST for home theater. I just like it because it's small and compact and looks great. Better than a bulky computer. SO, I know these cases are pretty slim and I was wondering if it's fine to put an Intel hexacore processor in them. Is there enough cooling? I don't plan to overclock. It's just all the 6 core processors are unlocked K's anyway. Would I have a problem or would I be fine? I'd buy a low profile aftermarket heatsink for the processor.

Thank you for any advice. : ]


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Jan 28, 2000
If nothing else you can always get a water block and radiator setup. I know I have a i7-2600k in a very small and tight case with a hot gpu and it does okay on OEM cooling. HTPC's you're normally looking for fanless or very quiet coolers though. Look for stuff you can get to exhaust out the back panel.

Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
Heat can be an issue in small cases. Just as Midwayman noted, you also want it to be quiet. Quiet is hard to do with a small case when you use powerful components, as there is no room to use big air coolers, which means water, which also means a loud, noisy pump.

I have said it again and again, "small, powerful, quiet; choose 2". I personally chose powerful and quiet. You can still get a case that looks like audio/video equipment and fits right in with your other A/V gear. Mine looks a lot like my previous Denon 3910, just slightly taller and more depth. But it is VERY quiet, even though it has 3 120mm fans and 2 140mm fans in it (a Noctua NH-d14 heatsink, plus 2 120mm Scythe S-FLEX 120mm and a 140mm Noctua case fans), all of them are either at 5v or 7v. That is practically it in terms of noise generation asside from the blu-ray/hd-dvd combo drive and the hard drives. My video card is passive cooled, as well as my power supply. The air that moves into/out of the case actually makes more noise than anything else when it is not playing an optical disk.
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