HT vs Ram in Game Benchmark


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Nov 22, 2014
Game is Dragon Age Inquisition using the Frostbite 3 Engine which is one of the few that responds well to extra cores and ht

To benchmark it i loaded a save and ran without moving view from one side of the valley to the other which takes about 14sec as you can see once you get to the end of the valley fps are much higher than at the start where it has more to render

% increase
ht on vs off ~5%
3.9 vs 4.2ghz ~6%
1333 vs 2400 ~17%
1600c11 vs 2400 ~14%
1600c9 vs 2400 ~11%

Why only 4.2Ghz? i didn't exactly hit the silicon lottery with this cheap chip from ebay

My system is totally gpu bottlenecked with just the 290 in this game at 1080p\2560 i was only getting ~40fps at the start of the test instead of ~60 so i had to drop the res right down to see any difference from the extra cpu\ram speed so i used similar detail settings to what they did here with ultra 1024x768
Unfortunately i cant test mantle with fraps but i can tell you that it makes no difference once the res is up and im gpu bottlenecked at least in this part of the game

Test System
3770k - Z77-GENE - 2x4g Samsung double sided - 290 - OCZ Synapse 120g cache Toshiba 3tb - Seasonic XP1050

Mostly ran these tests for my own interest sake but im guessing some of you may find it interesting to
Unfortunately i don't have 6700k\5960x to see how they react with ht\ram
Apr 27, 2000
Interesting, though it would be more interesting to see how HT affects things on Haswell, Broadwell, or Skylake. But yeah, if you ain't got it, then no big whoop. At least someone is testing it.