HS Question


Oct 18, 1999
I recently got a P3 1000mhz/133fsb slot1 chip (server pull) and slapped it into my system. It works great but the heatsink on it is MASSIVE! About the size of a paperback book. Being that this was from a server there are no fans for the HS, as servers usually have intricate airflow systems. I can mount 2 80mm fans on this sucker but the noise would probably push my wife over the edge and I cant afford a divorce right now so I dremeled a hole in the side of my case and popped an 80mm fan and I have it blowing onto the huge HS. My mobo (asus p3v4x) tells me the cpu temp is 110 degrees F. How reliable are the readings on this mobo? I am also worried about the weight of this sucker pulling on the chip (cant really rely on the retainer). Are there 3rd party retention clips for slot 1 cpus that are more industrial strength than the plastic crap asus provided? If so, were does one order it? Thanks.