HP Twin Pack Ink + Creative Kit Deals


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Jun 10, 2004
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1. If you are a student or educator, create an APP account at the hp.com store for an additional 10% off.
2. Go to live.com and search for "hp" until you see a link with "25% live cashback" next to it.
3. Follow the link, login with your Live.com info. Login to hp.com and "shop APP store"
4. Add a twinpack of ink to your cart. I personally added 74/75 black/color combo. The holiday kit will be added automatically.
5. Add anything else you want (I added a 74XL black cartridge)
6. Click checkout, login, and add coupon code.
a. SV2130 for $10 off
b. SU2305 for $25 off $50
c. SV2132 for $30 off $150+
7. Select next business day shipping (FREE!) and checkout.

You should get an email from live.com afterwards telling you that you got 25% back.

Sample order (mine):

HP 74/75 Inkjet Print Cartridge Combo Pack $27.89
HP "Homemade for the Holidays" Creative Kit $FREE (-$45.00 Holiday Creative Kit)
HP 74XL Black Inkjet Print Cartridge $3.79 (-$25.00 Coupon SU2305)
NC Tax $2.14

TOTAL: 33.82 - 25% live cashback (2 months) = 25.37 shipped