HP PSC 1310 software issues


Dec 5, 2000
Does anyone has a HP PSC 1310 all-in-one printer? I do and trying to install their software is a huge pain in the ass.

Every time I install the software for it, I get different results. Missing options, totally missing functions, photogallery installer keeps popping up, weird other little popups show up. I know its the hp software because when i uninstall it, all those popups and crap go away.

before i upgraded my system, i had it working great. now i had to reinstall it and some of the options are missing that were there previously. I'm using XP pro with SP2.

i've installed it from the disc that came with the printer and i also downloaded the drivers/software from the HP site and both do the same thing.

the only thing i haven't tried yet is installing under the actual administrator account. I have been installing it under another account that has administrator priviledges. I don't think this is the problem, but who knows.