HP Parallel SCSI Problem


Junior Member
Mar 13, 2001
I am having some real problems with my computer. The first problem that I had was with my VeloCd burner. (I can't upgrade to the 1.07 firmware.) I talked with somebody at tech support this morning, and he ended up telling me that it could be a problem with my "Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller". I did some research, and found this url= http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q151/9/11.asp
I tried the fix from my win 98 cd. That still didn't fix the problem that I have when I try to update my firmware.
Now, I have looked in my device manager, and I have a big exclamation point beside my "HP EPST Parallel SCSI Adapter". I'm not sure if this happened when I was messing with the 82371 PCI controller, or later in the evening when I removed some Hewlett Packard scanner software from my computer. I've tried updating my driver from the win 98 disc, but it hasn't removed the question mark. If this is from the HP scanning software, could I just remove this from my device manager? Windows has suddenly taken twice as long to boot, too. It seems like it's waiting for something to time out.

I have one other question isn't quite as technical. Right now I have a 30 gb hard drive. I am considering getting a small 6-10 gb hard drive, and installing my operating system on it; while keeping the 30gb HD for storage. If I do this, would it be a problem if the OS on the secondary drive had this SCSI or IDE errors?