HP 733 a good cheap camera?


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May 13, 2001
The girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and she has expressed interest in a digital camera. (Thank god, she finally realized that hints are lost on men, and came right out and said "I want a digital camera") I can't afford much, and she doesn't want a real expensive one. She actually likes me HP 215, which is a very cheap, very basic point-and-shoot camera.

We went looking for some, and she said she liked the HP 733. I can't remember the exact price, but it was under $200. Is that a good camera for the money? It seems reviews are few and far between. And, furthermore, are there any other decent digital cameras in that price range? Nothing fancy, just with adequate resolution, good focusing, and she really likes the "double-click" feature, where you hold the button down halfway to focus, then all the way to take the picture, but that's not a priority ;)


Aug 30, 2000
Fuji 260 or something. Its $99 at Rat Shack; 2 MP and 3x optical zoom.

EDIT: Of course RossMAN would beat me to it;)