Question How to use overhead DVD player?


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Aug 5, 2020
So I am currently doing this truck camper build on my pickup and wanted to add a small overhead DVD player to the setup. However, I want to be able to use my iPhone with this as I will be on the road for months at a time and don’t want to have to waste storage space with DVDs. Anyways, I have looked at various ways to connect lightning usb to AV, such as going through lightning usb to hdmi, then hmdi to AV. I read that paid videos and subscriptions such as Netflix will not work with these adapters though, and was curious if anyone would know what may work in this case. Another thing running through my head with this idea is how much power this would take. I will be running this through a small power bank of two deep cycle batteries, and don’t want to drain my power supply every time I watch a movie.

I’m not sure if this setup is even possible, but would be really cool if it could work! All in all, I want to connect my iPhone SE(2020) to some sort of overhead car DVD player. I’m open to ideas!

Mac Spencer


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Sep 30, 2005
Why dvd player and iphone? Just add a tv with media player with airplay built in and also has usb port. Add an external hdd and you are done.
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