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    Find your very own stats page here:
    Click your name to see all your BOINC projects. If you have more than one CPID (I think if you use two different emails in BOINC) you will be listed two or more times.

    Your page is your gateway to any stats you want. Top center shows your general BOINC info. To the left find "Overall", it lists all projects - near the bottom is where I look for new start-up projects. To the right of your page find "Main Mega Milestones", click on "RankT" column number to see your position on the TeAm for that Milestone.

    The main part of your page is "Active Projects". Click on number in "Score" column to see your stats page for that project including Milestone dates and all hosts. Click on the "Teamrank" column number to open the TeAm page for that project. I used to have a folder with 40+ bookmarks before I discovered this. From the project TeAm page near the top left click on "Project Rank" to open a page showing all teams on that project to easily look up how the team above or below us in Formula is doing.

    Many pages that show Today or Last Update or Yesterday can be sorted on those columns.

    If you are looking for another project to crunch open the "Overall" page, click on a project and then on the name of the project near the top to get to the project main page for all info.

    If you want to set up custom pages you need to log in to Free-DC forum and then open stats pages and use the "statstool".

    Please add your own favorite things and ways to use these handy stats pages from Free-DC.
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