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How To transfer Mac Music To iPhone Without iTunes

Music tends to be an essential part of life especially when you do not have anything to do and just pass your time on some fantasy of a specific genre. Being a music lover with an iPhone would be pretty complex if you couldn’t transfer your music from your Mac to an iPhone. It is not impossible, but the procedure is just a way too complex to move your music from your mac to your iPhone.

You may have definitely experienced the mood-swing when an iPhone syncing with the iTunes swallows all your existing music. If you haven’t experienced it, we bet you don’t want to experience it because all your music collections would disappear in a few clicks. So, here’s how to transfer Mac music to iPhone without iTunes.

Step 1
Install ‘TunesGo’

Navigate to TunesGo website in your internet browser on Mac. Next, download and install the ‘TunesGo’ software on your Mac.

Step 2
Run and Connect

Run the ‘TunesGo’ and then connect your iPhone to your Mac. Your device will be recognized in the system and, it’ll be displayed in the TunesGo home screen.

Step 3
Navigate to Music

From the left pane of 'TunesGo', click ‘Music’. Your phone’s music will be displayed in the container window.

Step 4
‘Add Music’

From the container window, click ‘Add’ and browse the songs you want to add in your iPhone. When you’re ready, click ‘Open’. The selected music will be transferred to your iPhone.

You have successfully transferred your Mac Music to your iPhone without iTunes.
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