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Question How to transfer files between local and remote


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Nov 8, 2010
Like many others, time for me to work from home because of the coronavirus. I use AutoCAD at work, but when I remote in from my home PC, because of the large resolution difference, AutoCAD is laggy. However, I can use the AutoCAD client on my local PC to do all the work. All the files are on my remote PC though, and I can't seem to share the files back and forth like I was hoping to. I have the drive shared under Local Resources in the RDC app, and Clipboard is checked as well, but the files won't copy/paste nor drag from the remote to the local or vice versa. I'm assuming this function is disabled on the remote server, so is there another program where I can quickly drag/drop by files and retrieve them on the other computer, whether it be from remote --> local or local --> remote?


Aug 21, 2007
If y ou can sign into the remote server, I would just use a cloud medium as an intermediary. have it up on both sides, and copy and paste to and from as necessary.

If youre on a VPN and can map to it as a shared folder that'd be easier, but from you description that doesn't seem possible.