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    I've been getting a wierd error lately on my W7 system. At startup I get a popup stating that there was a C++ runtime error, but there is very little info in the box. I had a problem a few years ago and someone asked me to print out a startup log and told me which files were the culprits. I can't remember how to get to that log file now.

    Also, on my W7 laptop I get a daily popup that Java needs to be updated, but when I try to update it the update fails. Any ideas on that one?


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    Could be some runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries are missing. X64 download:
    X86 download:

    If this does not work it could be a software problem.
    Try doing a Clean Boot. Open Control panel, Admin Tools, System Config, Services tab, check Hide all Microsoft Services, Disable All, Ok, and reboot.
    If this solves it then it's one of the services or applications you disabled causing it. You will have to go through them one by one enabling and disabling them until you find the culprit.

    Personally I don't use Java, but here's some things you might try:
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