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How To Take Ownership Of Folder In Windows 10

Many people have little to no knowledge of how to take full control of folders in Microsoft 10. The Windows 10 file system can help to assign permissions to various users and groups to access folders and files on any computer. If you are signed to your Windows 10 account on your laptop, you have full control over all files and folders, but you may need to access other folders and files. The files may be from an old account or from a user account that you no longer control. Without specific permissions to access such files and/or folders, Windows 10 will deny your access. However, read through to know how you can take control of your folders and files on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1
Open the 'File Explorer'

Browse to find the name of the folder or file you intend to have full control and access. Right click on the folder and choose ‘Properties’. Choose the 'Security Tab' to help you access 'NTFS' rights, then click on the advanced button.

Step 2
Click 'Edit' or 'Change Settings'

On the 'Advanced' tab under 'Security Settings', find the 'Edit' button (if you have rights to the folder or file) or the 'Change' button (if you intend to change the permissions of the file for your access).

Step 3
Change 'User Control'

Click on the 'Edit/Change' button to access the users who can access the file. Choose your name from the drop down menu and click 'OK'. You now have full control over that file.

This is how you gain control over a file in Windows 10.
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