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How to Split Screen on a MAC OS X

Unlike Windows, MAC comes with innumerable unique features which make the whole experience of the user smooth. Split screen is one such feature of Mac. This feature enables the user to divide the screen into two sections. By doing so, the utility of the device enhances to a considerable extent. You can keep your eyes on two activities and smoothly work as well.

Split the Screen on MAC OS X

Step 1
Hold the ‘Full-Screen’ Button

Hold the 'Full-Screen' button on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2
Click on 'Another Window'

Release the button. Now click on 'Another Window' to make it function side by side.

How to Exit Split Screen Mode on MAC

Step 1
Display the 'Window Button'

Move the pointer to the top of the window to display the window button; next click on the full-screen button. If you plan to work smoothly without continuously switching windows, start using the split screen mode.

Hope this article helped you to actively understand and enable the split screen feature on your Mac OS X.
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