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How To Share Files From Explorer In Windows 10

Windows 10 file explorer is massively changed and has many new and better features now. You can now edit, view and share different files there in the explorer itself. You can share files locally and over the internet right from the file explorer. Here’s how to share files from the explorer in Windows 10.

Step 1
Select File to Share

Open 'File Explorer' app and choose the file that you would like to share with your friends or collaborators.

Step 2
Select 'Share'

Tap on the 'Share' window on the upper tab bar that will allow us to share the file in different ways. You can both share the file to someone away from you or someone near you.

Step 3
Choose an App to Share

You can now choose either 'Mail' or 'Skype' to send the file to someone who is not near you at the moment. It will require the use of internet.

Step 4
Choose 'Nearby Device'

You can also click the above button which will allow you to send your file to someone nearby. This doesn’t require the use of the Internet. You can also use Share. IT, an app to send files nearby.

And that is how you can easily share files from explorer in Windows 10.
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