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How to Set Up Touch ID on Mac OS X


Users can now quickly unlock their Mac system, perform the various operations and make the purchases using the Apple Pay just with the help of your fingerprint. Once you set your touch ID, as long you remain logged in, you will be allowed to use your fingerprint. You will not be prompted to type the password in this case. This fingerprint sensor features makes it easier for users to access their devices. Here is how you can set up the Touch ID on the Mac OS X system.

Step 1
Choose ‘System Preferences’

Firstly, select the apple icon at the top left corner as shown below. You should now choose the ‘System Preferences’ option to view all the settings available.


Step 2
Click on ‘Touch ID’

In the 'System Preferences' options, you should click the ‘Touch ID’ option to view the settings related to setting the touch id for your system.


Step 3
‘Add a Fingerprint’

In the touch ID option, you should select the ‘+’ option to add a new fingerprint to your system. Additionally, you can also enable the checkboxes as shown below to allow the use of touch id for apple play, iTunes and for unlocking the Mac System.


Step 4
'Place your Finger' on Print

Now you will have to 'Place Your Finger' on the print as shown below. You should lift and rest your figure on the touch id in a repeated fashion. As you do this, you will find your fingerprint is registered.


Step 5
Click on ‘Done’ Option

Once the dialog box says that the Touch ID is ready, you can click the 'Done’ option to get the fingerprint saved for your Mac system. Now you can unlock your Mac system with the help of the Touch ID.


‘Thus the Touch ID can be easily set up for the Mac system by following the above-mentioned steps’.
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