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How to Set up the Screensaver on the Mac OS X


Mac OS X ensures that the users enjoy a very interactive and intuitive user interface. It allows the user to either go with the default screensaver or opt for their preferred screensaver. Users can also keep any of the downloaded pictures from the web as the screensaver for the system. Additionally, you can also set the duration for the screensaver to appear. Here is how to set the screensaver for your Mac system.

Step 1
Select ‘System Preferences’

Firstly, click on the 'Apple' icon that is present at the top left corner of your Mac screen. From the list of system related options, you need to choose the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the settings for the system.


Step 2
Select ‘Desktop & Screensaver’

In the 'System Preferences' windows, you can find a variety of options for customizing and modifying the personal, hardware and system settings. Here, choose the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ option as shown below.


Step 3
Select ‘Screen Saver’ Tab

In the Desktop & Screen Saver window, you should select the ‘Screen Saver’ tab as shown below to view the options related to the screen savers.


Step 4
Select the ‘Screen Saver’

In the left pane of the Screen Saver tab, you will find a variety of screen saver options for your Mac OS X screen. You need to click on the screen saver you desire and the preview will be shown on the right side.


Step 5
Select ‘Screen Saver Options’

Click on the ‘Screen Saver Options’ to view and customize the settings for the chosen screen saver for your Mac system.


Step 6
Select ‘OK’

In the options menu, you can choose the thickness, speed, and the stream level by moving through the slide bar as shown below. Once you choose these levels, click on ‘OK’ button.


Step 7
Choose the ‘Set Time’

You can set the time for the screen saver option as shown below. This will help in customizing the settings of the chosen screen saver.


‘You can easily set the screen saver on the Mac OS X system by following the above steps.’
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