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How To Set Up Fingerprint Sign In In Windows 10


Opening your computer with your fingerprint is the easiest and most secure way to protect it from unwanted visitors without risking forgetting the password and locking yourself out of it. Read and follow these simple tutorial steps and make your Windows 10 computer safest it has ever been.

Step 1
Open-up the 'Start' Menu

There are three ways to do this: you can press the 'Windows' key, click on the 'Windows' logo or tap on it if you have a tactile screen. Most important apps, weather and mail will be there waiting for you.


Step 2
Choose the ‘Settings’ Option in the Menu
is the menu you need to go to find the fine-tuning options of Windows 10.


Step 3
Go to ‘Accounts’

Go to the ‘Accounts’ icon. This will grant access to the account tweaking in your Windows 10.


Step 4
Go to ‘Sign-in options’

Click on ‘Set Up’ under the ‘Fingerprint’ area so you can install your fingerprint as access. Note that for this to be done you need to have a 'PIN' established.


Step 5
Get started on ‘Windows Hello’

The 'Windows Hello Screen' will appear, click on ‘Get Started’. This will start the process of reading your fingerprint.


Step 6
Enter Your 'PIN'

Enter your previously-set PIN at the next screen. This is a security measure by Windows to make sure it´s you the one changing the fingerprint on your computer.


Step 7
Press Your Fingerprint on the Dedicated Space

Press the finger to the dedicated space so the sensor can store it. This can take several seconds, sometimes up to a minute, leave your finger on the sensor until it finishes scanning.


Step 8
Close or Add Another

When it´s finished it will ask you if you want to add another fingerprint; otherwise click on close.


Every time you want to add another fingerprint to your computer as a security measure, just follow this tutorial.
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