Question How to run multiple monitors using a laptop's Intel iGPU?


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Jul 25, 2020
Hey guys,

How is it possible to run multiple monitors off the Intel iGPU of a given laptop? To explain why I'm specifically asking about the integrated GPU as opposed to the discrete GPU, please keep reading.

I plan to get the following laptop:

This laptop has two GPUs, an integrated Intel GPU [Intel UHD Graphics 630] that supports 3 displays (including the laptop's built-in display, which runs off the iGPU by default), and a dedicated GPU [NVIDIA RTX 2060] that supports 4 displays. The laptop has an HDMI 2.0 port, and a Mini DisplayPort 1.4a. I believe both of these ports are connected directly to the RTX 2060.

I plan to have a total of 6 displays (including the laptop's display) connected to the laptop simultaneously as follows:
[1] Laptop's built-in display - via Intel iGPU
[4] External monitors via the Mini DisplayPort using the following MST Hub: - via the RTX 2060
[1] External monitor via the HDMI port?

The RTX 2060 can run up to 4 monitors, so by connecting 4 of them to the MST Hub via the MiniDP, I believe all 4 should work fine. This maxes out the RTX 2060 monitor capacity.

The laptop's display uses the Intel iGPU. Since the iGPU can run a total of 3 displays, this leaves me the option to add 2 more displays. That's where the issue arises. How can I make use of the fact that I can theoretically hook up 2 more monitors to the iGPU? Can I do this somehow through the HDMI port, which is directly connected to the RTX 2060? Is there a way to select the GPU that runs each monitor regardless of how that monitor is connected to the laptop?

Please note that I do NOT intend to use any of the monitors to duplicate any other monitor (i.e. mirror mode). Each monitor will have its own view (i.e. desktop extension).

Thank you.


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Aug 11, 2020
On my laptop there is a BIOS option to route all display ports to the integrated GPU instead of the dedicated one. But no option to do it selectively, like only for the HDMI port which seems to be what you want.
I think the only solution for your problem is to add a third GPU or display controller. A laptop with Thunderbolt port would be great for that.