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How To Reset The Computer To Factory Settings In Windows 10


Operating systems are prone to an array of issues and they can be pretty slow and annoying especially when not continuously updated. You might be faced by problems such as disappearance of folders and files and challenges when trying to install updates. Your PC could also perform very slowly and giving you lots of problems whenever you try to perform a task. However, Windows 10 Operating System gives you various options that help you to restore your PC to earlier states thereby making it faster and better in performance. Follow the steps below to restore your Windows 10 PC to previous settings.

Step 1
Go to 'Settings'

Click on the 'Start' menu then the 'Settings' gear will appear on the left hand side of your screen.


Step 2
Go to 'Update & Security'

Once you click on 'Settings', you will have a set of menu among which the 'Update & Security' menu will be. Click on it.


Step 3
Choose 'Recovery'

The 'Update and Security' menu takes you to a new menu. On the left hand of your screen, you will find the 'Recovery' option.


Step 4
Choose get started on Recovery menu

Windows gives you three main options 'Advanced Startup', 'Go Back to an Earlier Build', and 'Reset this PC'. If you need to a start a fresh, choose the 'Reset this PC' option. The Advanced startup boot your PC from a recovery disc or USB drive. The Go back to an earlier build is for anyone who wants to revert to an earlier version of OS.


Step 5
Choose an Option of Resetting your PC

Choose either 'Remove Everything' or 'Keep My Files' depending on how you want your data to be after the reset. Either of the options will result to default settings and uninstallation of all previous apps.


Follow the steps above to reset your PC to factory settings.
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