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How To Reset iCloud Password Of The iPhone Device

iCloud is a very significant feature of all iPhone device. It allows the users to store their photos, videos, messages, files and helps you in preparing backups for your iPhone device and also for the recovery process. In iOS 12, the process to reset your iCloud password, in case you forget has made simpler using the iTunes & App Store settings. Here is how you can easily reset the iCloud password

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’

Firstly, as shown below, the user has to select the ‘Settings’ application as shown below. Once chosen the user will be able to find all device related settings and the list of application settings as well.

Step 2
Select ‘iTunes & App Store

In the settings options, the user has to click the ‘iTunes & App Store’ option as shown below to open the settings related to the iCloud, iTunes and app store. To reset the iCloud password, you might need to click the iCloud option if you are using an old version of the iPhone.

Step 3
Select ‘Apple ID’

In the iTunes & App Store settings option, the user has to click the ‘Apple ID’ as shown below to access the various customizable settings available for the chosen Apple ID.

Step 4
Select ‘iForgot’

After selecting the Apple ID, you will notice a small pop up window as shown below with the options to view the apple id, sign out, forget and cancel options. To reset the iCloud password, you will have to click the ‘iForgot’ option.

Step 5
Enter the ‘Email Address’ and ‘Code’

The user has to enter the 'Apple ID' along with the 'Captcha Code' to reset the 'iCloud Password' from the iPhone. Once you have written them correctly, the ‘Next’ button has to be clicked to proceed to reset the 'iCloud Password'.

Step 6
Click ‘Reset My Password’

Now the user to click the ‘I need to reset my password’ option as shown to reset the iCloud password. Then click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 7
Select ‘Get an Email’

Now in this step, the user can choose to reset the iCloud password through email recovery or by answering the security questions. Here the ‘Get an Email’ option is chosen to reset the iCloud password.

Step 8
Select ‘Done’

Now you can follow the instructions sent to your 'Apple ID' email address to reset the iCloud password. Here you need to press the ‘Done’ option.

You can now easily reset the iCloud password of your iPhone device by following the above steps.
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