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How to Reset and Change the Admin Password on MAC OS X


Mac OS X provides you an efficient way to reset and change the admin password. This feature will be required to access your user account in your system when you have forgotten your password. Sometimes you might need to change your password due to the security issues. In case you forgot your password, here is how you can reset and change the admin password efficiently.

Step 1
Choose ‘Screen Preferences’

Firstly, you have to click on the ‘Apple’ icon present in the left corner of the screen. From the list of options, you should choose the ‘Screen Preferences’ option to open the settings related to the system.


Step 2
Click on ‘Users & Groups’

Now you will see a lot of setting options available in the System Preferences pane window. Click on the ‘Users & Groups’ option to view the settings related to the user accounts.


Step 3
Choose ‘Mac User Admin’

You should now select the MAC account to which you want to reset and change your password. To change the admin password, you should choose the ‘Mac User Admin’ option to change the password.


Step 4
Choose ‘Change Password’

In the password tab, you should now choose the ‘Change Password’ option in order to reset and provide a new password for the Mac account chosen.


Step 5
Click on ‘Change Password’

In this step, you can enter the ‘New Password’ for the account chosen. You will need to re-enter the new password for verification purpose. Along with this, you will have to choose a password hint and then click ‘Change Password’ option.


Step 6
Hit ‘Log Out’

You will get a dialog box confirming whether you would like to quit all the applications and log out. The ‘Log Out’ option must be chosen so that the change gets reflected.


‘You can now easily reset and change the admin password on your MAC OS X by following the above steps sequentially’.
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