How to remove voicemail notification from Samsung Galaxy SII (T-Mobile)

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    If you have this issue, it drives you completely nuts. Here is how to get rid yourself of the hated false voicemail notification:

    First disable wifi (and thus wifi calling). This is essential for your success.

    Next follow these steps helpfully provided by milkmantep from the T-mobile forums.

    - Call voicemail and follow the instructions to send a message to yourself. (I think it was: Press 2, enter your phone number, press #, press # again, leave your message, press 1 to send.)
    - After you send the message, hang up.
    - You will receive a notification that you have a new Visual Voicemail message. This notification will replace the "phantom" Voicemail notification.
    - Tap "Clear" to clear all notifications. Do not tap on the Visual Voicemail Notification or open Visual Voicemail. If you use Visual Voicemail to delete the message, the Voicemail notification will come back again!
    - Call voicemail again.
    - Listen to the message you sent yourself, and press 7 to delete.
    - Hang up.
    - The Voicemail notification is now gone.

    *issue first appeared following wifi-calling update in late December; Android ver. 2.3.6
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